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Wow, oh wow. You’re here. Eeekk! Oh what an overwhelming joy that brings me.

Hi. I’m Sam, a twenty something dreamer who loves rainy, laid back days inside cuddled up next to my sweet Schnauzer with my favorite take-out. Growing up in the world of performing arts, I learned how to express my own individuality in a creative manner, and the value in doing so.


I see photography as my biggest way to engage with the world. I strive to find the beauty you may not see. Whether we’re in your hometown shooting, at your favorite ice cream shop, or on the day you marry the man of your dreams - I want you to feel as comfortable as possible. You are free to be messy. Take your shoes off babe! Dance in the street, girl! I want you to let your light shine, to ensure I capture the stunning stardusts that make up your one of a kind soul.

Let’s bring your vision to life. Let’s capture this season you’re in. Let’s make magic. x. 

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'Oh my word, Samantha! I just took a glimpse at the Gallery, and they look amazing! I feel so pretty. Thank you so much for being so amazing!' / Nikita

'These photos are incredible! I couldn't be happier with the beautiful work you have done. Thank you so much for capturing this special time for us!' / Jen



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