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Hiiiii. I’m Sam.


I’m a little mix of adventurous meets everyday homebody. I could sit on my couch for an entire week working hard on my laptop, until my heart just needs to leave my norm for two whole weeks. Kinda weird? I know girl. My hair might not look like the photos you see, I tend to change it every so often. I prefer Fall nights exploring a little quaint town, with a good meal (most likely pasta, Italian here what can I say), a stunning sunset, and people that helped shape me. I have a thing for sunglasses, and by that I mean a full on problem. I may or may not own 18 pairs.


I have a heart for sharing the messy side I know all too well. I struggle immensely with feeling as if I have to strive to be perfect all the time. It wasn’t until I reached my college level years, where I started to understand - that perfect doesn’t exist by itself. I'm learning it’s in the messy, light-hearted, genuine, kind, and most crisp moments where it begins to appear. You realize at the deepest part of your soul, in the midst of your most authentic, natural self - all those imperfections make up a perfect creation in God’s image. YOU. US. HUMANS. He sees us. He knows us. And He loves us all the same. I strive my hardest to pass that same mindset onto all I meet.


And although, I fail at it somedays (called being human - ya know?); when I get behind my lens, I feel as though there are no limits to showcasing all the beauty I can’t help but see. This passion turned job, is my greatest blessing. And it wouldn't be possible without you.

I cannot wait to work with you!! 

random things about me:

2. i love sunlight.
*Correction, i cannot get enough of it. ha! it speaks to my heart, soul, & i just adore it.
i want to capture it 
forever & a day.

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